Friday, August 3, 2007

New Mexico tourist pretty kokopellied out (with apologies to the Onion)

Well, we're in Texas. We've spent two days traveling through Arizona and New Mexico. It's pretty easy not to spend when all you see in Native American Art. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for the Native American peolple, but enough already with the terra cotta, the tourquoise,the zigzags, and the blankets. You got any pink sparkly things up here?

By the way, I am on my cell phone dictating this to my mother in Michigan. Remember the part where I said I'd find an internet cafe? Not so much. I forget that every town in America is not like Los Angeles. We even went to a library in New Mexico, but they didn't have internet access for the public.

We've enjoyed our trip. It's nice to see open land which we never see, but here's something they shouldn't do: They put up these signs that say "elk" for the next 50 miles. You know how a normal person would look at that sign and say, "Oh, I'd better be careful"? Did I obsessively look for elk so I could kiss them on the head? Marvin Gardens was fast asleep in the passanger seat and I was not once looking at the road but rather looking to the sides for elk. Who wished she was a flounder with eyes on both sides of her head?

I think it's safe to say I'm an elkaholic.

I've tourtured my mother long enough, so I'm going to get in the car now. Today is "No air music" day. Marvin is not allowed to play air guitar, air keyboards, air drums, air violin or air harpsachord.

Any spelling errors are my mother's fault. Talk at you soon.


Your marine biologist pal in MA said...

Dearest June,

Just wanted you to know that a flounder, in fact, has eyes only on one side of their head! They are born with eyes on each side of their head, but as they settle on the bottom, the eye that would be on the bottom actually migrates to the other side of its head. Weird, but true. Mother Nature is one crazy bitch!

noneemac said...

Plenty of Wi-Fi access out there when you know where to find it. Tell your mother ot log on and go to, where you can search the nation for access.

LOTS of RV parks have Wi-Fi (helps the snowbirds keep in touch with their children on a daily basis, mostly to remind them how they're spending the kids' inheritance). Tons of cafes, truck stops, ad infinitum.

Aunt Kathy said...

Pam did an exellent job with the spelling and paragraphing (if that's a word). Glad to know you're crossing the country and I hope you're at your new place today, as planned.

Anonymous said...

Really great job of transcribing and typing. I'm impressed.