Friday, May 11, 2007


Do you want to know how many traffic lights I go through between my house and work? Why would you want to know something that boring?

Eighty-three. I kept track today as I drove, and I am pretty sure it was accurate, even though I was also jamming out to Ambrosia on my all-'70s station. I also saw four billboards that I had proofread. I proofed 'em again just to be sure.

I am certain I was a safe driver out there, what with my Ambrosia jamming and my counting and proofreading. Won't you join me in the car?

Anyway, remind me tonight to tell you about the relatively free Mother's Day things we gave our mothers, the gift of hair products I received in the mail, what I have been making for lunch and how today is the 10-year anniversary of when Marvin Gardens proposed to me on a ferris wheel.

Should Ferris Wheel be capitalized?


jtcosby said...

You, my friend, make me LAUGH! I love your blog!!!!!!!!! You are awe inspiring...especially for me right now because we are challenged to not spend money (out of necessity) and it is SO hard for I can't wait to keep updated with you!!!!!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks, jtcosby. Stay strong!

Lisa said...

Happy Feriversary.

noneemac said...

It's "Ferris wheel" -- but of course I know that you know the answer, that you were asking hypothetically, displaying your ample literary irony there.

noneemac said...

Uh, ignore that last comment. I was reading from the bottom up.

I'm a dumbass.