Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nest update!

I have officially become an old lady. But our nest in our back yard now has TWO eggs in it! So Omelet will have a brother or a sister after all. We have named the new egg Shelly. If it turns out to be a boy, we will rename it Sheldon. How I am going to know if it is a boy or a girl bird is beyond me. Maybe it will be wearing pants or have long eyelashes or something that'll give it away.

And by the way, if you look carefully at yesterday's photo of the nest, you will see there is sort of brown/black fuzzy stuff in there (if you click on the photo you can see it better). I figured it out: it is German shepherd hair from the two beautiful dogs next door -- Legend and Queenie. What a good way to keep your eggs warm, using dog fur!

We have had two expenses this week that were medical: our cat Winston is really uncomfortable with some sort of eye ulcer, and we have spent $170 so far on him, and he sees an ophthalmologist tomorrow. Yes, they have cat ophthalmologists. I didn't know that either.

Also, you know how I don't like to complain (there are like 78 old entries I could link to here but I will spare myself the humiliation), but I have not slept since Saturday night. No, not because I lost the disco competition to John Travolta; I actually do not know what is up other than, oh, my husband has no job. But on Sunday night I felt very ill and stayed up till FOUR A.M. I could NOT fall asleep. Then on Monday night I woke up at 1 a.m. and stayed awake till who knows when, since Marvin Gardens covered the clock so I wouldn't look and obsess. Last night was a real luxury: slept till 2:45, then tossed and turned till 3:30.

You can imagine what an effective proofreader this has made me. So alert and thoughtful!

So today I went to the doctor, who has prescibed me a non-narcotic drug, because I did not want to turn into Valley of the Dolls, over here. I will soon be taking said drug, and I pray pray pray that I will FALL ASLEEP AND STAY ASLEEP. I do not mean that I want to fall asleep forever. I am not Sylvia Plath. Yet. But let me tell you, that sleep? It's necessary! You need it for the driving and thinking and functioning sort of a thing. Who knew it was such a big deal?

At any rate, I drove and drove and drove through Santa Monica, where my doctor is, looking for a free parking space. And do you know I found one? It was just slightly illegal. Then the visit itself was $20 and I am happy to report that the prescription was only $3.95!

I had to sort of cheat regarding lunch, by the way. The filling of the prescription was going to take an hour (and does anybody know why it ALWAYS takes SO LONG to fill a DING-DANG presCRIPtion? WHYYYYY is it ALWAYS like that?), and it was way past my lunchtime, and my packed lunch was back at work, so I went to the grocery store near the pharmacy and bought a little package of green apples already cut up that came with granola and this carmely, creamy dipping sauce that I have to tell you was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire lifetime. Man, that was good.

So, technically, that was cheating, cause we have ruled out pre-packed food like that. But the doctor's appointment was really last-minute and what was I supposed to do, buy a raw chicken and cook it on top of my car using the engine or something?

I hope when we meet again, I will have slumbered deeply. Caught the ZZZs. Sawed some logs. Gone to the REM concert.

You get my drift.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the sleep... if you're ever having trouble getting badly needed sleep in the future, a sure-fire solution is PBS (yeah, guess who this is...)

jtcosby said...

I was reading your blog to my husband and his response was "why not, buy some ground beef, put it on the intake add some potatoes and carrots to go with it, car runs at 200 degrees". Some people should just keep their comments to themselves...ha ha! :) He's a mechanic so he thinks he knows everything! :) HILARIOUS! Love reading your posts!!!!

Stie said...

I so hope you get the sleep you richly deserve. Anyone who is not spending THAT much money, deserves to sleep well knowing all those buckets of money are safely in the bank. (They are in the bank, right? Not stuffed in ziploc bags under your bed? Cause if they are, that might explain why you're not sleeping). Dream well, my friend.

dcrmom said...

Oh I'm so sorry you're not sleeping. What an awful feeling.

June Cutoff Cash said...

jtcosby, thank goodness your husband wasn't with me at the pharmacy/grocery store yesterday -- I'd have missed out on those apples and dip!Is your husband also the type who doesn't understand why you need a purse when a fanny pack from the Army surplus store will do just fine? I have a cousin whose husband said that.

Stie said...

I LOVE the facelift you gave your blog - looks great!

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thanks, stie! Marvin Gardens did it as a surprise; he is good with the visuals...