Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marvin Quits

Today Marvin Gardens quit his job. I made him do it, and we are going to be poor, and I am glad.

I will not tell the whole detailed story, because it is his story, not mine. But I have mentioned before that Marvin Gardens SO hates his job, which is a terrible way to live.

A few years ago, he went back to school and got his teaching credential, which though not high-paying, was something he really wanted to do. He graduated with a 3.9, the teacher he student taught with loved him, and then he could not find a teaching job. At all.

So, Marvin stuck with the job he had, hoping a teaching job would finally happen. Then today his work did something so disrespectful, so vile. He called me, completely dispirited. It was awful. I have such a nasty email to his boss brewing in my head.

So I said to him, "Go back in there and quit that stupid job. We will not starve to death. You can substitute teach. I have a job with benefits, you can use my insurance. But you cannot live like this any longer."

Because you know what? It is more important to be happy than to make money. It is so, SO much more important. We will not die without this job. We have savings now. Maybe this is why we did this not-spending plan in the first place, who knows? But I believe we will be taken care of. I think something better will come along and we will be grateful that this stupid day even happened.

I had planned to blog today about how I wanted some sparkly pink ballet flats that I saw at Urban Outfitters, and that Marvin had washed his iPod in the washing machine and wanted a new one. We will continue to be living without those things. We are trained in this going-without thing now. We can do this!

But in the meantime, can I make Marvin call me "Pants"?


jtcosby said...

YOU MUST GET THEE TO A DEHYDRAYTOR OF SOME SORT WITH THE IPOD! I washed my nano, put it in the dehydrator, it works TOTALLY fine. PLEASE allow it to dry out before attempting to turn it on, you can do it, promise!

jtcosby said...

I agree with you about the job! Good move Marvin Gardens! ;)

June Cutoff Cash said...

Thank you and thank you, jt!

Stie said...

He so has to call you Pants, and maybe add a sir at the end of it for punctuation.

We also are leaving a job that we have not loved. We moved to So Cal only a year ago, and my husband has been absolutely miserable ever since. Life is not worth living if you spend a third of it every day unhappy. Hats off to MG for standing up and saying no. Hats off to you for supporting that!

sabrina duncan said...

I'm not sure that you could EVER be called "pants". Actually I bet MI Susan Harris has a lot to say about that for either of us. So very good for Marvin. I just think of that hallowed day I left BMRS and what a delight it was. KWASHIORKOR (spelling?)

oh, and by the way, Edith Loeb called.

M.I. Susan Harris said...

I could start my own blog about quitting jobs and wearing pants. Although quitting my job when I am the sole breadwinner may not have been the wisest thing I've ever done, it is working out fine. I'm happy, sane and new opportunities seem to come out of nowhere. Way to go MG, and also to you June, for encouraging him to value his sanity more than money (or pink ballet slippers).

Kelly Garrett said...

While you probably shouldn't demand to be called "pants," it is more than reasonable to expect a hot breakfast on table before you leave for work, a packed lunch for you to take to work, and a clean house in addition to a hot dinner waiting for you when you get home from work. While a foot massage and homemade desserts are not necessary, they would really put MG in a homemaker category all his own.

June Cutoff Cash said...

You've got some fantasies going on in that Breck Girl head of yours, Ms. Garrett.

mynameisgee said...

Kudos to both of you guys for having the courage~!

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dcrmom said...

Just catching up over here. I am sorry to hear about the job and the iPod and the pink flats. PARTICULARLY the pink flats. Shoes are my passion. As you know. I'm tired and going to bed, but you crack me up, as always.