Thursday, April 12, 2007

June Spouts Off

Marvin Gardens is in the living room watching a documentary about a plane crash. As much as I would like to join him in that cheerful pursuit, I thought I'd go in here and blog.

This is the first night all week that I am not going to be out somewhere or other. It is good to be home with no plans. It is good to be home watching burning fuselage.

So, I took a gander at stie's blog, and when SHE was nominated for a Thinking Blogger award, she went on to nominate other bloggers who make her think.

I am pretty new to the blog world, so I do not have five people to nominate yet. But I do have one person.

(I feel like the Hollywood Foreign Press.)

My nominee for the Thinking Blogger awards is dcrmom at musings of a housewife. We are so similar, yet so very different. I am in great admiration of her, and she has made me look at life differently.

Dcrmom is a devout Christian, and I do not know a lot of people who are deeply religious. Most of the people around me are pretty liberal, and we all go around saying we should "embrace diversity," yet it seems that by this, some people mean "embrace those who think a lot like we do."

So many people say they are open-minded, but when you say the word "Christian," they shut right down and get snarky. Well, guess what? You are now doing the VERY THING you accuse Christians of doing! You are judging, and you are assuming everyone in an organized religion is the same.

Well, dcrmom isn't. She is more than willing to hear different points of view. She does not seem to think that everyone should believe exactly what she believes. She is just a good person, with values and priorities I admire, and most of all she DOESN'T JUDGE.

So, that's all I have to say about that. Hats off to dcrmom and her musings. And her cute shoes.


Misc Amy said...

I'm glad I didn't have internet access while I was in Hawaii, reading about plane crash documentaries and whatnot! However, I do regret that I didn’t have internet access in order to check my bank balance. How does one come back from a *free* trip overdrawn? Now that I’m quitting smoking (yes, again), it’s the perfect time to jump on your lil’ bandwagon. Though, because I founded the monthly “Church of Skee”, I think I can have such religious activity deemed a necessity of life! Hooray for non-judgmental bloggers! :) Amy

dcrmom said...

Awwwwwwwww... (((HUG))) Thanks, girl!!

Kat said...

I just started reading this blog a couple of days ago (I know you have a new one, but I am extremely anal about the most rediculous things and couldn't let myself read your new stuff without having read the old stuff) and am completely hooked. I think my roommate is getting annoyed with me because whenever I read something funny, I shriek out loud laughing and then proceed to read it all to her -- this happens about every 2 seconds.
Anyways, I felt the need to comment on this post as opposed to all the previous posts because I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your attitude towards those of different faith. I, like dcrmom, am a Christian and it kills me how everyone judges me for this, and tells me to be more tolerant. Ask anyone, I am one of the least judgy people I know (I never said I was modest...)
Yah, it takes me a long time to say things.