Saturday, March 31, 2007

Come on baby light my ...ceiling fan

Well, THAT was inconvenient. My city caught on fire.

Stupid teenagers. But other than the cost of the fireworks, it was free! Perhaps I should look into setting things on fire. I mean, other than how I have set the world on fire with my softball skills. I do have to admit that it smelled LOVELY outside last night. Just like camping! And the sunsets are always beautiful when the city is ablaze.

...I have big plans this weekend. I have an eye doctor appointment at 10.

That's it.

Last night I went to bed at 6:00.


I am telling you, I worked a LOT last week, plus every fiber of my being is in pain from softball. And yes, let me tell you about my sports injury, as I alluded to last time. Apparently, I held the bat up too high and the base of it kept sort of coming back around and hitting the bottom of my hand. So it is swollen and bruised down at the bottom of my palm. Which really makes it hard to high five people, as I like to do.

It's kind of exciting to have a sports injury, although I suspect the truly sporting would not even notice if they had said bruise. It would just be another part of the game or whatever, along with concussions and pulled ham hocks and what have you.

Anyway, the big news is that I have printed out four apartment descriptions from craigslist and am going apartment hunting for a place near work. Cause driving through fire is just not something I am suited for. The apartments range from $1650 to $2200. Gee, I wonder what Marvin Gardens will say about which one we should pick?

Marvin Gardens has no concern whatsoever for where he lives. He would truly live in a storage facility if it were the cheapest thing available. As for me, where I live is really really important. I would way rather have a cute dwelling and a bad car. Marvin Gardens would totally drive away from the storage facility in his [insert nice car name here, as I know nothing about cars].

This obviously creates a problem. You know how before you get married you are supposed to make sure you are in agreement about kids and finances and religion? Yeah, also make sure that you are both in agreement about whether you can live with popcorn ceilings and brown ceiling fans.

Ceiling accouterments are a big thing for me.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted. If I find a place it will pretty much rip apart our savings. Like Joe and I were ripped apart.

That line was only funny if you love Say Anything as much as I do.


dcrmom said...

LOL! At least you're keeping your sense of humor. Ceiling accoutrements are definitely important.

Lisa said...

Joe lies

sabrina duncan said...

I gave her an apartment tip and she gave me a pen.

Anonymous said...