Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Your Questions Answered

I thought I would address some of the questions I have been getting from people.

Did you ever end up dyeing your hair?
Yes, I finally did. I did not die of anaphylactic shock, either. I used two boxes of Preference Dark Blond, with help from Renee, who only reads this blog when her name is mentioned.

Once it was dry, I felt it looked a trifle orange. Renee, who would tell me I looked good even if I won a Miss-Jane-on-the-Beverly-Hillbillies-lookalike contest, who actually took time out from being IN LABOR to say, "Wow, you look good! I like your outfit!" assured me that my hair was not remotely orange. However, when I emerged from the bathroom, her daughter Charlotte looked at me, patted her head and said, "Orange?"

However, now that I have washed it a few times, and used this Artec purple shampoo, it is a nice color. I am fine with it.

What do you miss the most about not spending?
McDonald's. Hands down. However, I also find that I am starting to get a little sad on the weekends, cause I have really nothing to do. I think I'm going to have to make it a point to plan some free get-together activity with a friend once each weekend.

So what DO you do on weekends now?
I clean. I got this book for Christmas, this Martha Stewart book on how to do everything, and she has this whole section on cleaning the house. She tells you what you should do each week, each month, and then what to do for spring cleaning.

So far, each weekend in January, I have done what that heifer has told me to do. I have dusted light fixtures, scrubbed the top of the fridge, you name it.

Tonight my pal Rosie Papaya came over (okay, that's actually her porn star name. It's a good one, isn't it? You all know how to do your porn star name, right? You take your childhood pet for your first name and the street you were born on for your last name). Anyway, Rosie Papaya came over, and she was standing in my kitchen as I was blathering on and she said, "Is your house always this clean?"

My mother just fainted when she read that last sentence.

Anyway, I am fairly bored on weekends, but I have a clean dwelling, and I plan to change the bored on weekends thing.

Do you feel like you are denying yourself at all? What about self-care, like manicures and stuff?
So far, and this may change, I feel like there is no greater self-care than having financial security. I know I totally sound like Suze Orman right now.

Does anyone have any other questions? I will happily answer them if they are not stupid.


Anonymous said...

Once you finish cleaning your place you can start cleaning mine. Just trying to help.

Fluffy Condon

Sabrina Duncan said...

Well, for even more cash in your pocket, you could begin to write and sell homilies: "there is no greater self-care than..."

Anonymous said...

Yeah for getting through the first month!

Anonymous said...

Great job for getting though your first month. Since you have so much "bored time" do you know how to do any handicrafts that you could give to a nursing home or a local hospital if the supplies were given to you?

Dean said...

I have a different formula for calculating your porn star name:

Middle name + street you grew up on

The pet thing only works if the pet is the same sex you are.

noneemac said...

Uh, Dean, what about those of us who were so unique as children that our parents eschewed the whole middle name thing?

I thought it was first pet + town of birth.

Ivan Syracuse